Matthew Clark is a Brisbane based Singer-Songwriter; who just loves to perform.


Growing up in a household of with 9 other siblings, he wasn't given the luxury of his talent being invested in at a young age. Matthew mowed lawns in order to buy a cheap $60 guitar and then had to teach himself how to sing and play that guitar through YouTube videos until he was confident enough to take his music to the street. 


Matthew began his musical career at the age of 16, busking day and night, writing his own music and learning how tough the industry is the hard way. This allowed him to grow not only as an artist but learn how to be resilient in this ever-changing industry. At the age of 19, he moved out of home with his girlfriend, Stephanie, and with the dedication and determination, they both have, they were not going to stop until they to made his dream a reality. Due to Matthew's struggle with anxiety, Stephanie would drive him all over the city, recorded his busking sessions and then would drive home; sometimes not getting home until 4am. He would struggle with negative feedback and criticism, and the thought of something terrible happenings while he was performing; and it was hard to work through but all he knew was that he just didn't want a boring 9-5 job, so had to keep moving forward.


Since then, Matthew (now 23) is still working through is anxiety but has been signed exclusively through a booking agency, Pushworth, he is completing his Bachelor's degree in Contemporary Music and Performance at JMC Academy and performs a minimum of 3 cover shows per week; busking as well only because he thoroughly enjoys it. He is also currently working on his first original album; which he is very excited to share with you once completed. 

Fast Facts:

Name: Matthew Clark 


City Based: Brisbane


Agent: Pushworth


Managing Booker: Michael Geeves​​

Photographer: Stephanie Huth


Instrument: guitar, vocals, stompbox ​


Genre: pop, folk, acoustic rock


Inspirations: Passenger, Post Malone, Michael Jackson, Ed Sheeran, Bob Marley, Rodrigues, Creedance 


Milestones: Opening for Taylor Henderson, getting 4 yes' on Australia's Got Talent 2019 


Some Venues Played In: The Victory Hotel, The Royal Exchange, O'Malleys, Studio 188, Hamilton Hotel, Breakfast Creek Hotel, Albion Hotel, Oxford 152, The Barkley (Mt Isa), Aspley Central Tavern, RG's, The Zoo, The Met


Hobbies: video games, sports, spending time with friends and family, working


Favourite Weather: the middle of spring, on a hot day with a slight breeze; so I can go to the beach


Favourite Food: hot chips!


Favourite Piece of Clothing: a good pair of jeans


Favourite Guitar Brand: Martin or Sigma


Cats or Dogs: depends on how big they are, but cats


©2019 by Matthew Clark.